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Why digitise your inhouse tendering system

In the tendering space, there is very little innovation. Most of the process is administrative and cumbersome. At Eazi Tender we partner with your company and the resources that compile your tenders, to create a solution that improves productivity by 70%. By combining your tender search with a workspace that centralises the tender compilation activities such as pricing and proposal management, your team has a single point of reference to compile their tender from. 


Enterprise Tender Management 


What does Tendering look like in the future?


We have become accustomed to the fact that a tender process is a paper based exercise for all parties concerned. Manually preparing documents, facilitating tender adverts across single channels, administering a briefing by filling in attendance forms, responding to multiple queries across emails, and adjudicating proposals in a manner that takes far too much time to consolidate the large amounts of information received.

At Eazi Tender, we have designed the complete digitised tender experience, and by experience, we mean just that. Customer experience from an internal and external perspective means that everyone one involved experiences the power of digitization. Our platform is completely customizable to your business environment. 

Digitized Tendering for your organization.

The components that we have digitized in our enterprise solution is as follows;

  • Tender document compilation

  • Tender advertising

  • Digitized tender briefings

  • Adjudication

  • Tender query portals

  • Contract Management



Eazi Tender is designed as a white label solution, with the aim being that it has the flexibility to be customized to suit your inhouse tendering environment. This to ensure that you maintain your competitive edge and to further streamline your tendering process.





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